Book carefree and stay flexible! | 2024-02-08

Change of plans? No problem with the "Cancel for no reason" option for CAT tickets 

Exclusive offer for CAT tickets purchased online on in the period from  February 12th to 3rd March 2024: Any unused ticket can be cancelled and will be refunded without providing a reason. This applies to the actual purchase price of the CAT ticket minus any discounts (e.g. a discounted rate with an ÖBB Vorteilskarte). The CAT fare regulations and conditions of carriage apply.

Please note: Refunds with cash redemption are only possible if the CAT ticket is still valid (6 months from date of issue) and has not been used. The costs for Wiener Linien tickets cannot be refunded or processed, as CAT only acts as an intermediary. In this case please contact Wiener Linien directly. 

In the case of only one way used return tickets, half of the actual purchase price will be transferred to the means of payment used. 

Refunds have to be requested via our support form and can take up to 3 weeks.

To speed up the process, please provide the following information: 

  • The email address you used to purchase the CAT ticket
  • Your CAT online ticket to be refunded
  • If you paid with EPS / online direct transfer or American Express: Name of the account holder and IBAN of the account to which the refund should be made.
  • If you paid by PayPal, VISA, Mastercard or Diners Club, the amount will be refunded directly to your used account.

If you do not use your ticket within the 6-month validity period, we can offer to exchange it for a CAT ticket with no time limit.