1.    Valid tariffs

1.1.    The following tariff regulations and conditions of carriage apply exclusively for the transport of persons on the trains of the City Air Terminal Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. (hereinafter referred to also as “CAT GmbH”) on the transport connection from Vienna Central (Wien Mitte) to the Station Airport Vienna by the City Airport Train (hereinafter referred to also as “CAT”). These conditions of carriage apply for the transport of persons and luggage by CAT GmbH. Whosoever uses the facilities and trains of CAT GmbH acknowledges and complies with the conditions of carriage of CAT GmbH.

1.2.    CAT GmbH applies the tariffs to everyone in the same manner. CAT GmbH can however reduce the carriage charges and the additional charges as well as plan other benefits in individual cases for purposes of public administration, for charitable purposes and for the railway service as well as from the commercial point of view. 

CAT GmbH does not need to publish the reductions in the carriage prices and the additional charges and other benefits as well as the revocation of tariffs which apply only for a specific time. 

1.2.1. Special provisions for company traffic

CAT maintains contractual agreements with companies at Vienna International Airport, which stipulate special conditions for the use of the CAT by employees of these respective companies.

The arrangement may vary depending on the underlying financial basis.

In summary, the employees using this service are referred to as “company traffic”.  Special passes are issued or employee ID cards of the individual companies are recognised. The issue of these passes is based on special agreements with the companies. For company traffic, the conditions of carriage apply to a limited extent only. The following items apply: item 9 (6) (liability in the event of a train being cancelled), item 13 (City Check In), item 14 (transport service), item 15 (baggage transport), item 16 (disputes), item 17 (liability of CAT GmbH for its people), item 18 (lost and left objects), item 19 (non-smoking on board trains), item 20 (fees) and item 21 (final provisions).

CAT reserves the right to use a scanning app to determine the number of company traffic customers using CAT. The data protection regulations can be found in the data protection declaration. CAT also reserves the right for capacity reasons to deploy a “company traffic carriage” that shall be used for company traffic. In this context, the instructions of CAT staff are to be followed without exception. 

1.3.    Agreements which are in conflict with the tariff do not affect the legal validity of the contract of carriage. CAT GmbH calculates the transport prices and the additional charges according to the tariff even in such cases.

1.4.    The tariffs are published on our website (Details of tariffs and prices) can be inspected at the station.

1.5.    All fares include value-added tax.

2.    Tickets

2.1.    Only tickets of CAT GmbH are accepted on the City Airport Train.

2.2.    Tickets issued by other operators, transport companies or transport associations are recognized only if the utilization is explicitly permitted by the City Air Terminal Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. 

2.3.    Tickets for transport of persons in the City Airport Train can be bought at specially marked ticket vending machines, through the Internet (www.cityairporttrain.com), at selected railway counters of the ÖBB [Austrian Federal Railways] in Austria or directly on the train. You can pay over the Internet by credit card, PayPal or online transfer. Further information on the actual payment process can be found in the E-Commerce Act declaration of CAT GmbH.

2.4.    The passenger has to have a valid ticket when commencing the journey or he/she can buy a ticket directly from a railway employee on the train. 

2.5.    Tickets are marked if they have limited validity.

2.6.    A ticket is transferable only if it does not bear a name and the journey has not been commenced.

2.7.    The passenger has to verify on accepting the ticket, whether it has been issued according to the details submitted by him.

2.8.    Persons with restricted mobility 

2.8.1.    Persons with restricted mobility require a valid ticket for their travel. 

2.8.2.    Persons with restricted mobility receive 50% reduction on standard single tickets and standard return tickets on the City Airport Train if the following requirements are met: 

2.8.3.    In order to be able to use the offer the persons with restricted mobility require an Disability Pass or a pass for people disabled by war with the following details:
•    Indication of the degree of disability of at least 70% or
•    Entry “the holder of the pass can claim a fare reduction in accordance with the Austrian Federal Law for Disabled People”. 

2.8.4.    An identification as a blind person, issued by the Association for the Blind, is required as authorization for blind people. 

2.8.5.    A person and/or an assistance dog can accompany the passenger free of charge, if there is a corresponding remark in the Disability Pass. 

2.8.6.    The ticket can be obtained on the train or at the station from the railway employee by showing the Austrian Disability Pass or the pass for people disabled by war without paying the surcharge. 
When claiming discounted tickets CAT GmbH can request inspection of the documents showing the pre-requirements for the claim for a reduction in the fare. If this inspection is refused then the passenger is not entitled to a claim for reduction in the fare. 

3.    Fares

3.1.    The fare as fixed in the tariff regulations is to be paid for the carriage.

4.    Acceptance of foreign currencies

4.1.    Payment is to be made exclusively in the currency valid in Austria - Euro / 100 Cents.

5.    Tickets in advance

5.1.    Advance tickets for the City Airport Train are sold 9 months before the first day of validity at the earliest. The duration of the validity is dependent on the type of ticket and the form of the sales channel. Additionally it is marked on the ticket. 

6.    Period of validity of the tickets

6.1.    CAT single and return tickets bought at the ticket vending machines are valid for 30 days from the date of issue respectively. 

6.2.    CAT tickets bought on the internet are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. 

6.3.    The single CAT tickets purchased on the train are valid only on the day of issue and only for the current journey. Return tickets bought on the train are valid for 30 days.

7.    Examination of the tickets

7.1.    Invalid tickets and identification cards, which are considered invalid according to the tariff, can be seized. 

7.2.    The authorization for fare reduction is to be shown to the railway employee on request when claiming fare reduction. If the passenger cannot show any authorization for fare reduction, then he has to pay the difference for a regular ticket.

7.3.    If the passenger does not possess a valid ticket and refuses to purchase a ticket on the train, then CAT GmbH can charge him increased transport charges amounting to EUR 100.-.

7.4.    The passenger undertakes in the case of subsequent payment of the increased transport charges to prove his identity by means of an official identity card and to inform CAT GmbH of his residential address. The passenger has to pay the whole specified amount within one month to the CAT GmbH account indicated to him for deposit or to address a justified objection in writing to the City Air Terminal Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H., Customer Service, Post Box 1, 1300 Vienna-Airportor using the contact form on the website (www.cityairporttrain.com), failing which the demand will be handed over without another payment reminder (2nd reminder) to a collection agency to collect the money. 

8.    Amendments to booking and cancellation

8.1.    It is not possible to amend the booking for the City Airport Train. 

8.2.    It is possible to cancel the booking for the City Airport Train according to the pre-requisites in accordance with Item 10.

9.    Liability in the case of cancellation and delay of a train, as well as in the case of missed connection

9.1.    No claim can be asserted by the passenger for damages in principle – unless stated otherwise - if a train leaves with delay, if it arrives late or if it is cancelled. 

9.2.    The passenger has a claim to damages, if on the basis of the cancellation, delay or missed connection he cannot continue his journey on the same day or a continuation of the journey under the given circumstances on the same day is unreasonable. The amount of damage is limited to EUR 50.00 (including VAT) for the necessary use of a taxi and to EUR 80 (including VAT) for the overnight stay. The passenger is however obliged to use reasonable alternative public transport as a matter of priority. Also those costs will be reimbursed for persons with restricted mobility which were necessary in excess of the maximum amount of damages. The regulations under Item 11 as regards the reimbursement of the ticket price remains untouched for annual pass holders. 

9.3.    Compensation is however ruled out as far as the delay or cancellation of the train is to be attributed to the following causes: circumstances lying beyond the control of operations, such as extreme weather conditions, major natural disasters or major public health crises, which the railway company despite the application of due diligence according to the situation of the case could not avoid and the consequences of which could not be averted; a fault of the passenger; a fault of a third person, which the railway company in spite of application of due diligence according to the situation of the case could not avoid and the consequences of which it could not avert.

9.4.    The passenger can however claim for compensation according to the following regulations:
     the passenger can either abandon travelling further and apply for a proportionate reimbursement of the ticket and claim a complimentary transport along with his baggage with the next suitable train to the station where he commenced the journey, or continue with his journey, if another train is missed on account of the delay of the train, or if the train is cancelled completely or if the train has a delay of more than sixty minutes.

9.5.    A compensation or refund in accordance with Item 9.2 and/or 9.4 takes place according to the following conditions: the passenger has to make an application in writing to CAT GmbH – Office Park, Post Box 1, 1300 Vienna – Airport, Austria or using the contact form on the website (www.cityairporttrain.com). The ticket as well as any vouchers necessary for the compensation or refund – as for example taxi invoices – have to be attached in original. The compensation or refund will be sent by choice either by means of a coupon (ticket) or a credit note (bank transfer). The latter will be undertaken only at the explicit wish of the customer, the passenger has to inform CAT GmbH in this case of his bank details. All claims lapse, if they are not asserted within 6 months. The period of notice begins effectively the following day. 

9.6. In the event of a train cancellation, CAT GmbH shall endeavour to organise a replacement service as soon as possible. In such a case, company traffic customers will be transported according to capacity. If bottlenecks occur, they may be referred to other means of transport by the CAT staff.

10.    Refund of the ticket 

10.1.    If a passenger misses the departure of the train, then he has no claim for compensation, he can however claim refund in accordance with Item 10.2 or 10.3.

10.2.    If the ticket has not been used or only partially used for reasons for which CAT GmbH is not responsible, the refund will be made by issuing a replacement ticket.  

10.3.    If the ticket has not been used or only partially used for reasons for which CAT GmbH is responsible, the refund will be made by issuing a replacement ticket or, at the express request of the customer, by means of a cash refund free of charge by means of a credit note (transfer) or rebooking to the means of payment used; in the case of a bank transfer, the traveler must provide CAT GmbH with his bank details.

10.4.    Reimbursement takes place according to the following modalities: The traveler must submit a written application for reimbursement to CAT GmbH. This can be done either by post (Office Park, Postfach 1, 1300 Wien-Flughafen, Austria) or by using the contact form on the website (www.cityairporttrain.com) by enclosing the unused ticket in the original or as a digital copy.

10.5.    There will be no refunds for all tickets with a value of less than EUR 4.00. 

10.6.    CAT GmbH is not permitted to refund ticket fares issued by a travel agency. You are requested to refer to the ticket-issuing agency. 

10.7.    There is no refund of the City Ticket Vienna for tickets issued for travel on Vienna public transport. 

11.    Fare compensation for annual passes

11.1.    Passengers, who are in possession of an annual card which is issued to them by name and which entitles them alone to use the annual passes and who repeatedly experience delays in the train schedule or cancellation of trains during its period of validity, can claim compensation according to the following modalities: non-performance of the degree of punctuality which is set statutorily at 95% punctuality during the entire term of the annual pass within at least one month of validity. 
11.2.    The average degree of punctuality is communicated every month on the web page of the company. Trains are considered to be late, if they show more than 5 minutes delay against the currently valid schedule. 

11.3.    If the fixed average degree of punctuality of 95% falls short in one month, holders of an annual pass receive a refund of 10% of the calculated value of a monthly card for each month in which the degree of punctuality is not achieved. The total amount resulting from this will be credited unsolicited to the account of the passenger communicated by him in advance.

11.4.    A compensation is ruled in any case out if the non-achievement of the punctuality degree is attributed to delays and cancellation of trains for the following reasons:

•    circumstances lying beyond the control of the operations, which the railway company despite its due diligence according to the situation of the case could not avoid and the consequences of which it could not avert; 
•    a fault of the passenger;
•    behaviour of a third person, which the railway company could not avoid despite its due diligence according to the situation of the case and the consequences of which it could not avert. 

11.5.    All other tickets as well as company traffic are expressly excluded from a compensation.  

12.    Travel Guarantee

12.1.      City Air Terminal Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. offers travelers an additional compensation in the sense of a travel guarantee under the following conditions.

12.2.      Travelers with a valid CAT single, return or multi-trip ticket will be entitled to receive a refund of the ticket price, or the costs of rebooking or the costs of a new ticket from the Travel Guarantee if they demonstrably miss the flight from Vienna International Airpor, provided the City Airport Train is at least 30 minutes behind schedule and the traveler has scheduled a timely arrival to the airport. Work travelers are not entitled to benefits from the Travel Guarantee.

12.3.     In order to arrive at the airport on time, the requirements of the respective airline must be observed. CAT considers the arrival to be on time if the traveler sets the departure time with the City Airport Train from Vienna Mitte so that he is at the airport before departure in accordance with the time specified by the respective airline. It is the passenger's responsibility to obtain the relevant information from the airline. 

12.4.      The upper limit for the reimbursement of the ticket is EUR 5,000 (including VAT). The cost of the ticket will be refunded, as well as necessary taxi costs (up to a maximum of EUR 50 incl. VAT) as well as costs for overnight stay (maximum EUR 150 incl. VAT), which will result from the fact that the trip does not continue on the same day or continuation in the given circumstances on the same day is unreasonable. All further follow-up costs as well as lost profit are not included.

12.5.      The traveler has to make copies of the utilized services according to clause 12.2. as well as 12.4. to  access the Travel Guarantee and send a written request to CAT GmbH - Office Park, PO Box 1, 1300 Vienna - Airport, Austria. Alternatively, the traveler has the opportunity to submit his request by contact form on the website www.cityairporttrain.com.

13.    City Check In

13.1.    The purchase of a ticket for the City Airport Train entitles the respective holder to check in himself and his baggage at the City Check-In Vienna Central for select airlines. The airlines that are available at the City Check-in can be seen at the web page of CAT GmbH.  The City Check-In is possible – subject to any other provisions of the airline – 24 hours ahead at the earliest and 75 minutes at the latest before departure of the plane. 

14.    Transport service

14.1.    CAT GmbH will not transport passengers and baggage, if the transport is hindered by circumstances, which CAT cannot avoid and to which it also does not have a remedy. 

14.2.    CAT GmbH can in the case of special commercial, operational or local circumstances discontinue the transport of passengers as well as the acceptance and transport or baggage temporarily. These measures come into force at the earliest with their announcement.  

14.3.    CAT GmbH can transport passengers and baggage by road and other means of transport or arrange to have them transported if there is a temporary disruption of the rail services. 

14.4.    CAT GmbH transports children up to the age of 5 only with an escort. Only such persons are considered escorts, who are able to carry out this activity; the decision is left to the railway staff.

14.5.    CAT GmbH can refuse to transport persons, who do not comply with the mandatory regulations or do not observe orders implemented by the railway employees to maintain it or who on the basis of their condition or their behaviour cause a disturbance. These persons do not have any claim for refund of the ticket, the additional charges and other charges or compensation.

14.6.    CAT GmbH can reserve seats for certain passengers, as for example passengers with small children, or persons, whose mobility is restricted. Other passengers may use these seats only if they have not been claimed by passengers for whom they were held. 

13.7.    Persons without valid tickets and without the intention to travel may not linger in the CAT lobby in Wien Mitte or in a train ready to depart. CAT GmbH charges people a fine of EUR 100.- if they do not observe this.

15.    Transport of baggage in the City Airport Train

15.1.    The passenger may take his baggage in the train free of charge and store them at the places designated for this purpose. He has to comply with the orders of the railway employees on where to keep his baggage. 

15.2.    According to the availability of the airlines passengers have the possibility to check in their baggage at the City Air Terminal at Vienna Central. 

15.3.    The baggage after it is checked-in is transferred to the custody of that airline company, which assumes the transport of the passenger from the Airport Vienna to the next destination. CAT GmbH takes over the transport of the baggage between Vienna Central and the Airport Vienna in the name of and at the risk of the airline in question.  

15.4.    CAT GmbH excludes any liability towards the passenger for the baggage checked-in at City Air Terminal. Such claims are to be asserted exclusively against the airline transporting it. 

15.5.    The transport of bicycles, e-scooters or other larger sport equipment (e.g. skis, surfboards and the like) as well as bulky, oversized objects in the trains is allowed in accordance with the available capacity. The carriage of bicycles or other larger sports equipment may be restricted or refused for safety or operational reasons, in particular due to limited capacity during rush hour or if this is not possible due to the vehicles used. In case of doubt the railway employee decides on the permissibility to transport a piece of baggage.

15.6.    The passenger has the responsibility to see that through the carriage of goods neither the safety of the train, nor that of the passengers are endangered and that no other passengers are injured, or objects (e.g. other baggage) or fittings in the train are damaged.

15.7.    The transport of bicycles, e-scooters, larger sport equipment (e.g. skis, surfboards and the like) as well as bulky, oversized objects is free of cost. 

15.8.    The passenger can take small, harmless living animals into the train housed in a container, which as a species etc. do not trouble other passengers. The containers have to be built in such a way that injuries to and contamination of the people as well as damage and contamination of the compartments are ruled out. 

15.9.    The passenger can take dogs, without containers, if these have a bite-proof muzzle and are either carried or held on a short leash on the floor. The passenger is not allowed to take sick animals in the train compartment. 

15.10.    The passenger may not carry objects which disrupt or could cause damage. Passengers, who carry a firearm in the exercise of their public office or on the basis of laws or with permission of an administrative authority are exempt from this rule. 

15.11.    If the owner of the baggage and/or other objects cannot be ascertained, then CAT GmbH with the help of a witness can refuse to transport the object or baggage.

15.12.    The traveller has to take care of all his belongings and animals himself and provide for a proper care of them. CAT GmbH is liable for damages to objects and animals, which is under the care of the passenger, only if it is the fault of CAT GmbH. 

The passenger is liable for damages caused by his objects or animals, if according to these regulations they were not allowed. He is liable for damages, which occurred through other objects or animals, which he had brought, if he cannot prove that the railways or a third party caused these damages or they are to be attributed to circumstances which the passenger could not avoid, or the consequences of which he could not avert. 

16.    Differences of opinion

16.1.    The official shift leader will deal with any differences of opinion between the passenger and the railway employee in the question of transport. 

17.    Liability of CAT GmbH for their people

17.1.    CAT GmbH is liable for its employees and for persons, whose service it makes use of for the performance of the carriage. 
17.2.    If railway employees or other persons carry out work for which CAT GmbH is not responsible at the request of a passenger, then they are considered authorized by those for whom they work.
17.3.    Claim for damages: CAT GmbH is liable in connection with bookings and/or reservations of all types only for grossly negligent or intentionally culpable behaviour. 

18.    Objects lost and left behind

18.1.    CAT GmbH does not assume any liability for objects lost and/or left behind on the City Airport Train and on the railway installations of CAT GmbH. The Lost Property Office at the Airport Vienna (http://www.viennaairport.com/en/found) is competent for acceptance of objects lost and/or left behind on the City Airport Train and on the railway installations of CAT GmbH and/or for such reports on found objects. The handling of found objects takes place at the Lost Property Office at the Airport Vienna according to the regulations of the ABGB [Austrian General Civil Code] in its prevailing valid version and/or according to the statutes of the Lost Property Office at the Airport Vienna. Opening hours of the Lost Property Office at the Airport Vienna are daily 8am - 7pm.

19.    Non-smoking areas – non-smoking trains

19.1.    Smoking is not allowed without exception in the City Airport Train as well as in the entire railway station area. 

19.2.    Passengers who do not observe the ban on smoking will be fined EUR 100.00 by CAT GmbH. CAT GmbH is also entitled to claim compensation for damages which result from the non-compliance with the ban on smoking, which go beyond the amount in question according to the regulations of civil law.  

20.    Fees for the cleaning and maintenance of the installations, operating materials and pieces of equipment

20.1.    In the case of contamination of its installations, operating material and pieces of equipment CAT GmbH is entitled to levy a cleaning fee of EUR 100.00 from the originator. 

20.2.    In the case of damage or theft of installations, operating materials and pieces of equipment of CAT GmbH, the costs incurred for those will be charged to the originator. 

21. Special conditions for limited-time promotions

21.1. CAT reserves the right to cancel or terminate temporary campaigns (such as discount campaigns using discount codes) at any time without prior notice if this is necessary due to technical faults, legal reasons or abusive behavior on the part of the participants.

Discount codes can only be applied to single or return tickets unless explicitly stated otherwise in the promotion. Promotions, reductions and discounts cannot be combined with one another and cannot be applied together.

21.2. CAT also has the right to exclude individual customers/participants if untrue personal information has been provided or advantages have been gained through manipulation. In this case there is no right to compensation.

22.    Final clauses

22.1.    If individual provisions of this tariff regulations and conditions of carriage should be or subsequently become wholly or partly invalid, the legal validity of the remaining regulations are not affected by this. A regulation, which comes closest economically to the intended purpose of the invalid provision should replace the one that has become invalid. This applies also for any gaps in the regulations. 

22.2.    The carriage contract concluded between the passenger and CAT GmbH as well as the tariff regulations and conditions of carriage are subject to Austrian law. It is agreed that the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes from or in connection with these tariff regulations and conditions of carriage, also on the validity of the tariff regulations and conditions of carriage themselves is, as far as this is statutorily permissible, the competent court in Vienna.

22.3.    CAT GmbH reserves the right to amend the present conditions of carriage if necessary. The amendments come into force after publication and will be announced by CAT GmbH together with a summary online on www.cityairporttrain.com of the most important amendments as well as with the versions of the conditions that are up to a year old. 

23. Arbitration board / alternative dispute resolution

Independet agency for passenger rights (apf): www.passagier.at

Passengers who disagree with the decision of the company can contact the apf in Austria. Please submit your documents by means of a complaint form at www.passagier.at. If the electronic transmission is not possible for you, please send the documents by post to:

Agency for passenger rights, Railway Department, Linke Wienzeile 4/1/6, A-1060 Wien

Extrajudicial online resolution EU commission


As of: June 2024

Find the latest changes of conditions here:

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We are aware that the careful handling of your personal data is important to you. Therefore, we appreciate the confidence you have in CAT GmbH to treat these data with due diligence.

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Customer data can also be transmitted for tracking open claims to collection service providers. They are obliged to treat the transmitted data confidentially and to use it only in connection with the contractual relationship existing between the customer and CAT.

Due to the regulations of the German Commercial Code (UGB) and the Federal Tax Code (BAO), we are obliged to keep the booking data for 7 years. Subsequently, the data will be deleted unless there is a legal authorization or obligation to continue processing that data.

By payment information we mean the information we need for processing payment. We ourselves store payment information only to a limited extent, namely:

  • If a cancellation cannot be carried out automatically by us, but we have to subsequently transfer the cancellation amount (in this case we store the name of the claimant, IBAN, BIC, name of the bank and the address (postcode, city, country, street and house number));
  • For a specific booking only the card type (VISA, MasterCard, etc.) and the last 4 digits of the means of payment.

In all other cases, payment information (e.g., expiration date or Card Validation Code (CVC) is processed and used by an inspected and certified payment service provider (Terminal Service Provider and Payment Service Provider).

Terminal Service Providers and Payment Service Providers are only used to securely process the payment process if they have the PCI certifications required for payment transactions.

Once you have successfully completed a payment transaction, you can save your payment data as a preferred payment method for future convenient and quick purchase of tickets without re-entering your data. Your payment details are stored by our Payment Service Provider, which processes your payment data using the international standard PCI-DSS. The preferred payment method you have created can be deleted at any time by you.


Customer Care
If you send us inquiries by e-mail, your details will be processed for the execution of pre-contractual measures or in the context of fulfillment of the contract for the purpose of processing requests pursuant to Art. 6 (1) (b) GDPR and stored in case of follow-up questions. In this regard, we are supported by Flughafen Wien AG, with which a processing contract exists. We will not share this information without your consent unless it is necessary to fulfill your request (for example, for refunds to the bank). The data will be erased as soon as it is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, unless there is a legal authorization or obligation to continue processing that data.


The safety of your personal data is important for us. We have taken technical and organisational measures to protect your data from loss, manipulation, unauthorised access.

If you enter any sensitive data in our registration or order forms (for example your credit card and/or insurance number), we encrypt this data using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

We comply with the generally recognised industry standards for the protection of personal data both during the transmission and the receipt of your personal data (such as firewalls, encryption, safety tests, system checks and ongoing monitoring).

However, no transmission method on the Internet and no electronic security method is 100% safe. Although we do strive to use all economically reasonable means to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee complete safety.

If you have any questions regarding the safety on our web site, please send us an email to info@cityairporttrain.com

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics in order to analyze how many people visit our website and how often. We do not use this software to collect individual personal information or individual IP addresses. The data will be used only in anonymous and summarized form for statistical purposes and for the further development of the website.

This site uses adform retargeting technology. This makes it possible to specifically target web users of our partners to those users who have already taken an interest in our website and our products. The insertion of the advertising material takes place during the retainer on the basis of a cookie-based analysis of the previous user behavior. This is a temporary cookie that expires after 60 days. If you do not want to receive interest - based advertising from Adform, you can opt out of data collection and storage at any time for the future here.

Period of storage

Data is stored by us only to the extent strictly necessary, and always deleted after the expiry of the statutory limitation periods or statutory retention periods.

Use of customer data for other purposes

If we wish to use data for a purpose that requires your consent in accordance with the law, we ask for your express consent beforehand. You can revoke this consent at any time, thereby preventing your data from being used for this purpose in the future.

Use of service providers by us

The term “service provider” within the meaning of the Data Protection Act refers to natural persons and legal entities who are entrusted by us with the provision of a specific service, for example, the maintenance of our databases.

We only use service providers for lawfully processed data. We always make sure ourselves in advance that the individual service provider is suitable for providing the service, and in particular that it offers sufficient guarantee for a lawful and secure use of the data.

Service providers receive personal data from us only to the extent absolutely necessary.


Data application

Temporary use of a scanning app

To determine and analyse the number of customers using CAT as company transport, we use a scanning app.

From its duty of care to the company, alone, the management feels itself compelled to introduce such control measures in order to be able to exercise financially viable management of capacity and utilisation and to be able to exclude abuse, which justifies the legitimate interest of investigation. The legal basis is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f DSGVO (GDPR). Our legitimate interest lies in the purposes described above.

In the course of the scanning process, CAT only records the ID numbers, company affiliation and validity. This data is processed immediately after collection so that any personal reference is excluded.

Implementation is carried out jointly with Flughafen Wien AG, with which a general processing contract has been concluded for data exchange and processing. The data will not be passed on. 

The data is kept for 7 years.

Contact form

Our website provides a contact form which may be used for contacting us electronically. If a user chooses this option, the data entered in the entry mask will be transmitted to us and stored. The relevant data includes:

Reason for request




E-Mail address


When the message is sent, the following data will be stored in addition:

Date and time of contact

In connection with the sending process your consent to data processing will be obtained with reference to this data protection policy.

Alternatively, you may contact us via info@cityairporttrain.com. In that case the personal data of the user transmitted with the email message will be stored.

In this connection no data will be forwarded to third parties. Data will exclusively be used to process the conversation.

In case it is necessary to process the enquiry, the user gives consent that the enquiry as well as the data provided in the contact form may be transmitted to the departments within the parent companies of the CAT responsible for the individual case. The user is entitled to withdraw this consent at any time and to forward the enquiry to the responsible company himself.

Legal basis for data processing

The legal basis for data processing is Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR, provided that the user has given his/her consent thereto.

The legal basis for processing data that is transmitted in the course of transmission of an email is Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR. If the purpose of the email contact is conclusion of a contract, Art. 6(1)(b) GDPR is an additional legal basis for processing.

Purpose of data processing

Personal data from the entry mask is processed by us only to reply to your enquiry. If you contact us via email, this constitutes the required legitimate interest in data processing.

Other personal data processed during the sending process is used to prevent misuse of the contact form and to ensure the security of our IT systems.

Storage period

The data will be erased as soon as it is no longer required for achieving the purpose of its collection. For personal data from the entry mask of the contact form and for data transmitted by email this is the case once the relevant conversationwith the user is terminated. The conversation is deemed terminated if the circumstances suggest that the relevant matter has been clarified exhaustively.

Possibility of objection and removal

The user may withdraw his/her consent to the processing of personal data at any time. If the user contacts us via email, he/she may object the storage of his/her personal data at any time. In such a case the conversation may not be continued.

In order to exercise your right to object, please send a message to  info@cityairporttrain.com. Upon receipt of your objection by us all personal data stored during our contact will be erased in that case.


Controller of personal data and responsible for the operation of the website

City Air Terminal Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.

Postfach 1

1300 Wien-Flughafen


Contact us:

call: + 43 1 25 25 0

E-Mail: info@cityairporttrain.com

Published January 2020

Graphic illustration & text

  • All graphic illustrations - whether images, information or content – are described using appropriate text.
  • No information is presented using only colour changes.
  • Attention is paid to sufficiently strong colour contrasts of foreground and background.
  • The font size can be scaled at will through the browser used. (with limitations for older browsers)
  • The complete layout is controlled through StyleSheets.
  • The text formatting supports the legibility of the contents.

Technique & navigation

  • The implementation of the pages complies with the W3C specifications.
  • Only common graphic formats are used.
  • The content is also accessible, when Style Sheets are deactivated.
  • Links give unmistakable information about their destination.
  • The navigation elements are clearly marked, the navigation mechanisms are coherent.
  • Navigation through the page is also possible with the keyboard only.
  • Alternative versions are only used, when barrier-free implementations are not possible.

The majority of our contents is designed according to above mentioned requirements.

But not all contents are available in a barrier-free way. The following elements do not yet fully comply with the requirements to barrier-free access:

  • Booking process requires Javascript

We will continue to persistently work on the barrier-free provision of our web site contents.

According to Austrian and EU regulations the City Air Terminal Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. is holding the following certificates.

CAT - iso9001 certified CAT - eutransport certified

For the safety management system according to SMS corresponding EisbG § 39 and EU Richtlinie 2004/49/EG considering the assessment criteria of appendix II of VO 1158/2010/EU.

  1. CAT Bonus Club is the customer club of City Air Terminal Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. Eligible are all natural persons 18 years and up having full capacity for acts in law. Customers must provide a valid e-mail address. CAT Bonus Club will be active until further notice. City Air Terminal Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. at its sole discretion, may change the CAT Bonus Club or the Terms of Use and Awards at any time without prior notice. It is the responsibility of the customer from time to time to keep up to date with any changes. The use of CAT Bonus Club is conditioned upon the acceptance of CAT data privacy statement. If customers don't agree to CAT data privacy statement their profiles will be deleted by December 31st, 2018.
  1. Customers will receive three Bonus Points for each € 1,- purchase of CAT online tickets. Crediting Points after payment is not possible. The turnover will be recognized in customer´s account. The accumulated points can be exchanged against bonuses.

    City Air Terminal Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. reserves the right to delete Bonus points in case of a longer period of inactivity of a customer´s account. Accumulated points expire after 24 months . Every ticket purchased shall extend the validity of all all points for 24 months. Accumulated points can not be converted into cash.
  1. Customers can independently edit their data and unsubscribe to the newsletter. To delete a customer´s account, the customer is asked to send an email to info@cityairporttrain.com. If you terminate your account, any remaining points on the account expire.

  2. City Air Terminal Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H reserves the right to to exempt customers who violate criminal law, moral conduct or these conditions with immediate effect on participation. 

    City Air Terminal Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H can not be held liable for the completeness and correctness of all details, in particular if details have been distorted by technical faults, transmission losses, interferences by third parties or force majeuere.

    The client will not be entitled to any redress or compensation of damage or any other claims against City Air Terminal Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.

    Any complaints or customer enquiries arriving later than six months after the bonus points have be credited can not be taken in account.
  1. Place of jurisdiction will be  exclusively Vienna, in accordance with the law of Austria.

  2. For questions about CAT Bonus Club please contact info@cityairporttrain.com

      As of May 2018

Valid from 08.07.2019

Dear user,

We are pleased that you are using our website www.cityairporttrain.com for booking tickets.  The information in accordance with article 9 ECG can be found in the following statements:

In order for these provisions to remain legible and clear, we always use the term “user” for both female and male users. Where reference is made to “CAT” or “us”, this always means City Air Terminal Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.

The purchase process, as well as the issue of your ticket, can be concluded and settled in German or English language. Furthermore, we would like to point out that the basic products are available in English as well as German.  The German version is legally binding.

How do you book a ticket?

To make the booking process as easy as possible for you, a “single” ticket is already selected as the category for booking. To set the total number of passengers travelling, click on the "+" or "-" field or enter the required number (maximum 50). We have enabled a differentiation between adults and children at this point. To book a “Return” ticket, click on the “Return” button.

To book discounted rates, first click on the “Enter discount code” field. A pop-up box will appear to select or enter a potential discount.

Once you have selected the tickets you require, click on “go to payment”.  You will then be asked to enter your first name and last name, and your E-mail address. A phone number can also be specified, as an option.  

On incorrect entry of a compulsory field, a red error message appears. The incorrectly entered field is shown underlined in red. You must correct the incorrect entry accordingly.

After that, you have to choose the required method of payment. You can either click on “credit card”, "paypal" or “online transfer”. A green check mark appears next to the selected payment method.

To go to the next step, click on “go to payment”.

If you are satisfied with all the information, you must agree to our standard terms and conditions by clicking on “pay”. By clicking on the “Terms and Conditions of City Air Terminal Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.” you have the opportunity to see the current terms and conditions of business.

As part of the credit card payment, you are first asked to enter the credit card information (credit card number, date of expiry and corresponding CVC code) (currently the following providers are supported: VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club and Amex), and then by clicking on “Buy Now” you will be redirected to the payment page by our payment provider.

As an additional security measure, a 3D Secure Verification may be started. After successfully entering your 3DS password, payment is successfully completed.

In the course of payment using PayPal you will be redirected to the PayPal site and within the purchase procedure you can either register for the first time or log in to your PayPal account, then confirm the payment and complete your purchase. Your credit, bank account or credit card is stored in your PayPal account. This data will not be transmitted to us. PayPal is an online payment service.

As part of the online transfer, you will automatically be redirected to the payment page of our payment provider. There you have to enter your bank details.

After successful booking, we acknowledge with a thank you and return you to your booked tickets. As a result, your contract with us comes into effect. We will also send you a booking confirmation to the E-mail address provided by you at this time. If you have provided your phone number, you will also receive a text message ticket (SMS-Ticket).

Here, you also have the option of creating a CAT customer account. This has the advantage of allowing you to access your bookings from different devices and browsers.

Your order data and the saved data of your CAT account will be stored and used by us in compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Regulations for the execution of contracts.

Our terms and conditions can be found under the section on “Legal”.

The prices specified are always inclusive of VAT.

Validity and Scope of Application

Use of the website offered by City Air Terminal Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H and all data, information and services available through their websites, except for the services subject to separate agreements, is only permitted on the basis of these conditions.
These General Terms and Conditions of Use may be supplemented, modified and replaced in individual cases by additional conditions.
By starting the use of a website, the validity of these General Terms and Conditions of Use in their respective version is accepted.


We hold various data, information and applications on our website for download and retrieval.
We are entitled at all times to discontinue the operation of our websites in whole or in part. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee the uninterrupted availability of our websites.

Some areas or services of our websites may be protected by password. In the interests of business security, therefore, access to these pages is, in certain cases, only possible if you register in advance. However, there is no legal right to registration.

In addition, we expressly reserve the right to make websites, which have also been previously freely accessible, subject to a pre-registration obligation.

Rights of use

The use of the content made available on our websites is subject to these Terms and Conditions in their current version.

Where applicable, separately agreed terms of use or license take precedence over these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

All content provided on the website is protected by copyright and, where applicable, trademark law and unless expressly indicated otherwise are for personal, non-commercial use only.

We grant to you, as a user, a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the information and applications provided on our websites to the extent of the specific agreement in each case. In the event that a specific agreement is not concluded, use is only permitted within the scope of the present user agreement to the extent that the use by you corresponds to the purpose intended for provision and transfer.

Data, information, applications, brand names, images and other contents may not be processed, changed, copied, modified, supplemented, reproduced, recited, distributed, sold, rented, loaned or used in any other way without our prior written consent.

Any other (in particular commercial) use without the prior consent of the operator or the respective rights holder is not permitted. Apart from the expressly granted rights of use, the user is not granted any licenses or other rights whatsoever, in particular to the company name, commercial property rights (trademarks, utility models or patents) and copyright.

Insofar that you, as a user, store ideas and suggestions on our websites, we are entitled to use and exploit them free of charge.

Obligations of the user

In or through the use of our websites, you as a user may:

  • Not violate good ethical and moral practice through your usage behaviour;
  • Not make use of them for unlawful purposes;
  • Not violate our intellectual property or other proprietary rights;
  • Not transmit any content containing viruses, in particular trojans or other programming that could harm us;
  • Not enter, save or send any hyperlinks or content for which you are not authorised to do so, in particular if these hyperlinks or content violate obligations of confidentiality or if they are unlawful, or if these spread or circulate advertisements or unsolicited E-mails (spam), incorrect warnings about viruses, or malfunctions etc., or give encouragement to participate in promotional competitions, snowball systems, chain letters, pyramid schemes and similar actions.

We are entitled to block access to our websites at any time, in particular if you, as a user, violate these General Terms and Conditions of Use or other special agreements.

Third party websites (hyperlinks)

Our websites may contain hyperlinks to third party websites.
We are not responsible for the content of these websites as they concern content that has not been provided by us.

Web analytics service

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses so-called “cookies”, text files that are stored on your computer and that allow an analysis of the use of the website by you. The information generated by the cookie about your use of this website (including your IP address) is transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google will use this information to evaluate your use of the website, compiling reports on website activity for website operators and providing further website and internet related services. Google may also transfer this information to third parties, if it is required by law or where such third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Google will not associate your IP address with other data of Google. You can refuse the use of cookies by changing the settings of your browser; however, we point out that you may not be able to use all features of this website in this case. By using this website, you consent to the processing of data about you by Google in the type and manner and for the purposes set out above.

We use cookies on this website to ensure the integrity of the registration process and to tailor the website to personal needs. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your hard drive by a web page server. Cookies cannot be used to run programs or send viruses to your computer. Cookies are exclusively assigned to you and can only be read by a web server in the domain that provided the cookie.

You have the option to accept or decline cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change your browser setting to reject cookies if you so choose. If you choose to decline cookies, you may not be able to take full advantage of the interactive features of this or any other websites you visit.

You can prevent the use of cookies by setting your browser software accordingly. However, it may be in this case that not all features of our websites are able to be used to the full extent.


If data, information and applications are provided by us free of charge, a liability for material and legal defects is expressly excluded unless deliberate or malicious behaviour on our part can be proven.
A liability in other than the aforementioned cases requires that intentional or grossly negligent behaviour on our part be proven. In general, liability for indirect or consequential damage or loss of profits and for any loss or alteration of data and information is excluded. Liability for personal injury already exists in case of slight negligence.
Furthermore, we assume no liability for the accuracy, absence of errors, freedom from intellectual property rights of third parties, completeness and / or usability and permanent availability.
Although we make every effort to keep our websites free from viruses, we do not guarantee they are virus free. Before using and downloading information or applications, you as a user must independently take the necessary protective measures, for example by setting up appropriate security measures such as a virus scanner.

Data protection

For technical reasons, certain data and information must be collected and stored when visiting our websites, e.g. the websites used, the time and duration of the visit, as well as data provided by the browser used (e.g., the operating system and the system settings used). We use this data and information anonymously in order to make our offer as user-friendly as possible and to optimise it technically.


Additional agreements must be in writing.
Should individual provisions of these conditions be or become invalid or void, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. The invalid or void provision will be replaced by a provision whose content is economically as close as possible to the invalid or void provision. This provision applies mutatis mutandis to omissions.

Austrian law applies, with the exception of the conflict of law provisions of international private law and the UN Sales Convention.
The place of fulfilment and jurisdiction is Vienna, unless a consumer business in accordance with article 1 of the Austrian Consumer Protection Act is concerned.

Published November 2017