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Check in without stress, save time and enjoy your trip

With the City Check-In we have brought the airport to the city.

City Check-In Vienna City CenterThe City Air Terminal in the city centre offers you the services of an international airport terminal. There are both manned check-in desks and self service check-in kiosks available to you for check-in with or without luggage. If you have already used the web-check-in for your flight you can certainly drop off your luggage only at vienna city-center.

City Check-In Vienna City CenterHere, you can check-in your baggage up to 75 minutes before departure, get your boarding pass and enjoy the rest of your journey to the airport comfortably and stress-free. In the meantime, you can rely on us to bring your baggage right into your plane. According to internationally applicable safety regulations for air traffic, your luggage is transported in special containers in a separate, not accessible train compartment and fed into the luggage conveyance system at the airport.

City Check-In Vienna City CenterTravel and hand luggage that you take with you on the train can be stored in special luggage areas.

The City Check-In is a service for CAT customers and can only be used with a valid CAT ticket.

How long does it take to check in at Wien-Mitte?

Usually, the waiting times at the check-in desks at Wien-Mitte are relatively short, i.e. at the most 10 minutes.

Are there any luggage lockers at the railway station Wien-Mitte, where I can store my baggage?

There are lockers available for a fee at Wien-Mitte. They are located outside the CAT station in the public station area on level 0.

At what time does the City Check-In Wien-Mitte open?

You can find a complete list of airlines and the opening hours of the city check in counters in the submenu City Check In.

Is it mandatory to travel with the CAT, if I check in at Wien-Mitte?

Yes, the City Check-in service is exclusively reserved to CAT customers.

Do I have to personally check in at the City Check-in?

Some airlines allow just one person to check in for an entire family, in which case the particulars of the other passengers will later be checked at the gate. For security reasons, however, it is not permitted that any other person checks in your luggage for you.

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Club member benefits
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Children under the age of 15 years travel free of charge; older children have to pay the standard fare.
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