Accessibility Webpage

Graphic illustration & text

  • All graphic illustrations - whether images, information or content – are described using appropriate text.
  • No information is presented using only colour changes.
  • Attention is paid to sufficiently strong colour contrasts of foreground and background.
  • The font size can be scaled at will through the browser used. (with limitations for older browsers)
  • The complete layout is controlled through StyleSheets.
  • The text formatting supports the legibility of the contents.

Technique & navigation

  • The implementation of the pages complies with the W3C specifications.
  • Only common graphic formats are used.
  • The content is also accessible, when Style Sheets are deactivated.
  • Links give unmistakable information about their destination.
  • The navigation elements are clearly marked, the navigation mechanisms are coherent.
  • Navigation through the page is also possible with the keyboard only.
  • Alternative versions are only used, when barrier-free implementations are not possible, e.g. when Flash is used. Such technologies are used only sparingly.

The majority of our contents is designed according to above mentioned requirements.

But not all contents are available in a barrier-free way. The following elements do not yet fully comply with the requirements to barrier-free access:
  • Booking process requires Javascript
  • Flashheader

We will continue to persistently work on the barrier-free provision of our web site contents.


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